Design walls

Cherrywood layoutWould it surprise you to know that I don’t have an adequate design wall? I have one 4 ft by 8 ft piece of foam insulation board that I’ve covered with black fabric. It is great for taking photographs and lately I haven’t been making much that is bigger than that. It’s lightweight and I can drag it around the house or even outside if I want better lighting. But somehow I need to come up with something bigger and more permanent. I just don’t know where I would put it. My house isn’t that big and there aren’t really any empty walls with nothing sitting in front.

Anyway, I guess the next best thing is the floor, so today I spread out the blocks I’ve been making with skinny strips in Cherrywood fabrics. I took a picture and opened it in Photoshop Elements. That let me crop it, skew it, and move blocks as much as I wanted.
Cherrywood layout manipulated

The biggest problem with this “design wall” is that it ends up being the way when it’s time to make lunch…

In any case, I’m not too worried about this piece. It will just be a throw for snuggling up under while watching TV in the dark 🙂