Happy birthday, DD#2

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Happy birthday, DD#2I finished my improvisational Cherrywood Fabrics quilt on Saturday. I think I’ll just call it “Cherrywood Improv.” In any case, I was thrilled to finish in time to give it to DD#2 for her 25th birthday! She loves the colors and I’m sure she’ll spend many happy hours snuggled up under it while watching movies with her DH.

DD#2's quilt

I’m really happy with how it turned out. I was determined to make a no-stress quilt. It all began with the wonderful suede-dyed fabric, of course. I enjoyed doing the improvisational skinny strips. No real advanced planning, other than sorting the fabrics a bit into lights, brights, and darks. The finished squares were arrayed in a minimally planned grid sort of alterating more colorful backgrounds with more brown-toned backgrounds. The quilting was free motion and improvisational. I just did simple spirals, flames, parallel lines and stylized floral stems. I didn’t even stress over perfect lines or even stitching. Probably a good thing because it became very apparant that my sewing machine needs a serious tune up.

Quiltmaker's Documentation FormWhen I was finished with the binding, I threw it in the washer and dryer so the batting could shrink up a bit. I want this quilt to be used, so there’s not even a hanging sleeve. I will at least sign and date it, however. And I’ll fill out a Quiltmaker’s Documentation Form.

DD#2's quilt

Do you recognize the backing fabric? It’s the fabric I painted during my mini private workshop when I was trying to use up all my leftover fabric paints.

I folded up the quilt and tied it with a satin bow, so my job on that one is done. On to the next project!

Birthday baby

Happy birthday, sweet darling!

Happy birthday