Sweet hubby joins in the fun

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Sweet hubby making facesGuess who else has joined in on the fun? Sweet hubby! He comes with me to my workshops, so he’s heard me teach it enough times. Now he’s giving it a try too!

I’m really excited because I always tell people that anyone can do the “Making Faces” technique. You don’t need to be a quilter. You don’t need to be an artist. You just need to be able to cut with a pair of scissors.

Shhh!!! I can’t show you a picture of his finished portrait because it will be a Christmas present. And, he plans on making more… But don’t worry, I’ll show you his portraits after Christmas.

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  1. Lynette

    That is so cool!! 😀 I was really tickled last week when Scott joined me in doing stitchery during our evening after-dinner show. There’s just something so companionable about that.