2012 NQA – Fused Portrait class

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I was happy to be able to leisurely enjoy the show on Preview Night because once the workshops began, this is as close as I got to the show. These photos were taken from the balcony right outside my classroom. As much as I liked seeing all the quilts in the show, I had a blast with all the ladies and gents who graciously took one or more of my classes.

On the second day of workshops I taught my favorite class, Fused Applique Portraits. I enjoy this workshop because the projects always turn out great! Everyone gets so excited when they finally recognize their loved one, and usually they want to make more portraits. Again, this was only a half-day class instead of a full-day class, so it was a bit rushed, but many people were able to finish or get very close to finishing.

Two of the ladies in my class, Laura S. and Jeanne V. came all the way from the Netherlands with a group of quilters. They were such a joy to have in my classes. Laura blogged about the show and also about taking two of my workshops, so if you’re interested in seeing a visitor’s viewpoint, please visit Laura’s blog.

Photo by Laura Strating-Janssens

In the afternoon, I taught Quilting Your Portrait. I was excited that I had several ladies from one or both of my previous portrait classes. I gave them a little PowerPoint trunk show of some of my quilts to give them ideas of ways they might approach quilting a portrait, and then I supplied them with two images that they could practice on. By giving them a photo of someone they didn’t know, I thought it might make them feel less afraid to make mistakes.

Photo by Laura Strating-Janssens

In the end, I thought everyone felt a little more at ease with quilting a portrait, and I hope they will try more of them.

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  1. Beverly D.

    Loved the class! I’ve been quilting for a looooong time, was so impressed and excited with results from this class. Great and fun teacher.

    • Maria

      Thanks, Beverly! I hope you’ll make more and, when you do, be sure to send me pictures.

  2. Kay Talbott

    Got home late yesterday from OH, worked at school today and hope to finish my picture tomorrow! Can’t wait to share it with the young lady (former student) whose picture I stole from her facebook page. My dh instantly recognized who it was when I showed him the unfinished piece. Next is to posterize a snapshot of my Ohio hostess’ dog. The class was awesome! Wish I had signed up for ALL of your classes!

  3. Marie M

    I loved the class as well, and really enjoyed the results everyone had! What a great technique! Thanks for sharing it Maria. You are a great teacher!

  4. Chris Scales

    absolutely loved this class. I have so many things I want to create with your methods.