Product review: Cushioned Quilter’s Square ‘n Block

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I’ve used the Christmas sales as an excuse to upgrade a few things in my studio. As I was wandering around Joann Fabrics trying to decide how to use my 50% off coupon, I spied the rectangular pressing board that I love to use. It is called the June Tailor Cushioned Quilter’s Square ‘n Blocker. I can’t remember how long I’ve had my old one, but it extremely stained and one of the corners is broken, so I decided to replace it.


No need to guess which is the old one! Notice something else? June Tailor kindly printed the new one in blue (just for me, I’m sure!).

One thing I love about it is how portable it is. I like to bring it when I’m teaching or taking workshops. It is lightweight and sits nicely on the table. It is 17-1/2″ by 24″ with 14″ by 20″ grid printed on one side. I think it would have been nicer if they had made it just a bit bigger so it would be large enough for an entire fat quarter. June Tailor, are you listening?

The other thing I like about this board is that one side is cushioned and the other is firm. I “improved” my board by adding a sheet of Teflon to the firm side. Then it becomes the perfect surface for working on fused projects. June, are you still listening? It would be fabulous if it already came that way.

I simply taped together two large Teflon pressing sheets. I know nothing is supposed to stick to Teflon, but 3M makes a heat-resistant aluminum foil tape that sticks well enough. Then I pinned the Teflon to the pressing board along the sides with glass-head pins. The pins hold everything in place, and the seam around the edges of the board covers up the pins somewhat so they don’t easily come out.

I also treated myself to some more thread 🙂


Christmas should come around more often, don’t you think?

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  1. Lynette

    I really like your thread storage – that’s not cookie sheets, is it?

    And what a great adaption of the pressing board for the fusible work surface.

  2. Mary

    What a terrific idea! May I add that to my Pinterest Board? I don’t want to let that idea fade away in my memor………