Product Review: Imak Arthritis Gloves

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Another day, another opportunity to test out a different machine quilting aid. Well, technically these are not for machine quilting. The gloves I tried out today are Imak Arthritis Gloves. The funny thing is that so far, this is the product I’ve liked best and might actually use.

One thing I liked was that the fingertips were open so I could still feel the fabric and determine if there were any lumps or bumps on the backside of my quilt. The only problem with this is that the glove’s fingers were too long for my fat, stubby fingers. I tried scrunching them up, but it wasn’t long before the extra gathers at the base of my fingers started to squeeze a little too much. Then I tried folding over the ends so the gloves ended at my first joint. In that position, I could comfortably move my hands and still have my finger tips free. I could easily quilt, remove pins, use scissors, and even type.

These gloves are intended to provide a mild compression which is intended to give relief to arthritic hands and reduce swelling. It felt pretty nice even though I don’t have arthritis. The other thing I liked was that they kept my hands warm. That feature alone would be worthwhile to me since my studio is in a converted garage and it gets pretty cold in the wintertime. (Maybe they could make me a body suit, too, so I’d be warm all over!)

freemotion-13Truthfully, I can’t say these gloves made my free motion quilting better or easier, but they really weren’t really designed for that anyway. Maybe the way I quilt is too ingrained for me to comfortably use any free motion aid like gloves or grips. I don’t know, but I think I might get a pair of these gloves for myself.

acceptance-11In the meantime, the bottom edge is complete. Now I need to tackle the face and background.

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  1. Mary Carter

    After reading about your search for machine quilting aids, I wanted to tell you about the Grip and Stitch Quilting Disks I got from Patsy Thompson Designs. I have arthritis and it is hard to machine quilt. I have tried a lot of items but these two pads work great. One is bigger than the other and they really grip the quilt and fit the hand just fine. I also use them when I satin stitch. Gives me great control.
    Not connected just a satisfied user.

  2. Rebecca

    I love this series of quilting aide reviews! I’ve wondered about most of these for a long time. Thank you for sharing!