Push-up #6 Complete

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Push-up #6 Teal Trials by Maria Elkins“Teal Trials” is complete! I was happy to have several hours this afternoon and evening to concentrate on this. My goal was to finish today (since I didn’t get to finish it yesterday), so I can sleep well tonight.

pushup06-05I originally started out with the fabric on the left. I wanted to see how many ways I could cut it up and create interesting graphic designs. When it seemed that everything was just too much teal, I thought about adding tans and beiges. That didn’t seem to work well for me. Then I thought of adding greys, but it was blah. So, I dug through my fabrics to see if anything popped out at me. That’s when I found the fabric on the right. The colors were slightly different, but close enough for me. I liked the similarities between the two, as well as the differences. Using the second print solved a several problems for me. So, in the end, even though I didn’t add in other colors, I think the added strong graphics gave this piece some interesting contrasts.

Okay, I’m ready for a new challenge beginning tomorrow.

  1. Ed Chamness

    Fantastic…would love to see it in person…these exercises have been creating some great pieces…