Word for 2015

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word-2015Another year. I am thankful to be in God’s loving hand, because things don’t usually turn out the way I expect them to! I know His plans for me are always for good. What a wonderful promise.

For the last few years, I’ve picked a word for the year. When I do, it inevitably turns out differently than I expect. Last year, I chose the word “enjoy.” I want to re-train myself so quilting becomes a joyful and fun adventure. While that is a work in progress, what really happened was that I relaxed and enjoyed my family more, especially our new granddaughter.

Lately I’ve been working towards making progress, not achieving perfection. In that spirit, I’m back to trying to lose weight (almost 25 lbs so far!), and I’ve been de-cluttering my house (the two bathrooms, the kitchen and dining room, the laundry, the living room, and part of our bedroom complete!) I want to continue making progress on my quilt making, too, particularly conquering George. This year, my word for the year will be

“Be diligent in these matters; give yourself wholly to them, so that everyone may see your progress.” 1 Timothy 4:15

We’ll see what happens!

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  1. Brenda Johnson

    Go Maria! Good for you! I would enjoy your thoughts. I am much better at making progress on projects such as making a project,eliminating clutter, or organizing. I have much more trouble “not” doing something, like “not” eating as much. If you have any encouragement along those lines, it is welcome. Happy New Year!

    • Maria

      I think many of our actions are driven by our thoughts. For instance, I may want to “not eat as much,” but I haven’t fully embraced the idea that it is really wrong or that there is a good reason to change. For instance, I may be overweight, but until I am faced with a life-threatening condition caused by being overweight, it can be easy to justify overeating. Does that make sense? So, I need to identify the lie that I am believing (for instance, eating ice cream makes me feel better), and replace it with truth (eating will never make me feel better). Of course, this is an over simplification, but I think changing your pattern of thought is at the heart of many issues. In the end, it is accepting responsibility for my thoughts and my actions, and then doing something about it.