Two years later

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Today marks two years since my sweet hubby, Dave, left us and went to heaven. I miss his laugh. I miss his hugs. I miss the companionship of my best friend.

And still, God has blessed me in so many ways. I’m thankful for my two lovely daughters and their husbands. I’m thankful that I can live with two granddaughters. They are a bright spot every day!

I haven’t gone back to quilting yet, but I did finally buy a Bernina after unexpectedly selling a quilt (yeah!). I also bought a cat to keep me company. I named him Barnabas Blue. He likes to sit on top of my Bernina. Maybe I’ll quilt in the coming year. I have a lot of fabric that has been patiently waiting.

Like last year, I am still working on digitally recording the cassette tapes that were made during Dave’s 24 years of being a pastor. I have about a hundred cassettes left to record, with a sermon on each side. Plenty of time to plan my next quilt while I listen and work.

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  1. Nina-Marie

    I saw that you posted and I thought. . . gosh I wonder how Maria is! I’m so glad to hear you’re healing, but yeah, I can only imagine what a journey it is. One of the sayings in our house is that, We’re only on God’s train and where its going we don’t quite know. I’m glad to be of an age, that I’ve given up trying and just sit back to take in the scenery as we get there!! I do look forward to the day though when that new Bernina calls you back. It will I know.Blessings!!

    • Maria

      Thanks, Nina! God is good, and I know I’ll get back to quilting. I just feel like I need to first focus on getting the tape cassettes recorded, plus I took several months while helping DD#2 with her book. Once those are off my to-do list, I’ll have lots more time 🙂