Room of Requirement Day 4

Library drawersOn Day 4 (counting only the days I can actually work in there) of packing up my studio, I wasn’t able to get in there until late in the afternoon, and my sweet 2-year-old granddaughter wanted to help! Who was I to say no? I decided an “easy” task would be to pack up the contents of my library card catalog drawers. These are the ones that DD#2 and her sweet hubby rescued from a school that was being torn down and they gave them to me for Christmas in 2012! I love these drawers.

Anyway, back to packing. I got a box of gallon size ziplock bags. I used post-it notes to number each drawer, and I put a corresponding number on each bag. My granddaughter drew a picture on each bag, all the while narrating what she was drawing. It was so sweet! I wish I had recorded it. Then it was a simple matter of placing the contents of each drawer in the same numbered ziplock bag. I say simple, but sweet Aliza wanted to help, so we took our time transferring the items, and of course she wanted to explore each item and ask what it was and what it was used for. So my simple task too infinitely longer, but it was also so much more memorable! I am so blessed to be able to spend so much time with these little girls.

Today is also Amalya Nathaniel’s birthday/heaven day. Six years ago we welcomed him into our family, and an hour and twenty minutes later we had to say good bye. He will always hold a special place in our hearts.