Baby (non)quilts

It’s true. I haven’t made quilts for my two future grandsons, due next month on March 4 and March 13. For that matter, I haven’t made quilts for my granddaughters either, who are nearly 3 and 5. Poor kids. But, I did manage to make some simple baby blankets for the new babies. Very simple. Just a quilt panel sewed to some minky with their names appliqued to the back using variegated thread and a satin stitch. (Sorry for all the wrinkles! I should have taken the photo before it was all bundled up and wrapped for the baby shower!)

I also made each of them a taggie blankie: a little car for Caleb and a dinosaur for Boaz.

I think that is all the time I will have for sewing before these two beautiful baby boys arrive. I’m actually hoping I can get back in my studio to finish unpacking in the coming days. It would be great to have that finished before the end of the month, but I’ll have to wait and see if that will happen. Once I get my studio in order, it will be so much easier to work on sewing and quilting projects!