I Like Blue

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Blue vases
Blue vases
I like blue. It’s true. The nice thing about focusing on just one color is that it automatically elimates the need to buy 90% of what is at the store. See? It simplifies my life!

If you look in my fabric cabinet in the last entry, you’ll see a large percentage is blue, followed by skin and hair colors.

I also collect calico antique buttons — only blue ones.

I have a blue bottle tree. Plus I “plant” blue bottles in my garden. Otherwise there would only be weeds.

I have a collection of mismatched blue and white teacups.

I’ve been buying blue Tupperware on eBay.

I have blue glass bottles and vases on my front windowsill — which has now spread to the dining room window, too.

Lately I’ve been watching for cobalt blue glass items at our local Goodwill Outlet store. Unlike the normal Goodwill stores, the outlet stores have huge bins with a jumble of stuff to dig through. You never know what you’ll find! At only 59 cents per pound, the two cobalt blue vases shown above were the latest treasures I brought home.