I Finally Got A Business Card!

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After years of procrastinating, I finally got business cards made up. I decided to do a self portrait using the technique that I teach in my “Making Faces” DVD. Of course, I had to make it in blue! Next time someone asks me for my card, I’ll be able to smile, open my new blue metallic business card holder, and whip one out.

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  1. Suzanne

    I saw your demo on Quilting Arts TV a month or so ago and have wanted to try making a portrait ever since. So far I have Heat and Bond on my fabric ( Walmart didn’t have steam a seam and thought this would work), a picture copied, and I’m ready to start cutting. Wish me luck!

  2. Suzanne

    It is completed, and it’s not too bad! I did buy some Steam a Seam 2 today to use the next time. My husband’s comment was ” I like your mustache”. This was a self portrait so I took one of the cheek shadows off and put on a lighter strip of the batik fabric. Now I need to quilt it and that will take some experimenting, you did not cover that part in the show.