Ten days until demo night

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2003 Journal Quilt by Maria Elkins
2003 Journal Quilt by Maria Elkins
I’m feeling rather indecisive lately. My quilt guild is having a demo night for the next meeting. This is where five members of the guild volunteer to show some product or teach some skill. The rest of the members will divide up and rotate around the room, spending about ten minutes at each station. Somehow, I volunteered to demonstrate something. What was I thinking?

Now I’m in a quandry and I really can’t put it off much longer. What should I demo?

Someone else is going to demo PaintStiks, so I thought maybe I would demo Tsukineko all-purpose inks, which happens to be one of my favorite ways of painting on fabric. But then I thought maybe I could demo how I free-motion quilt a fabric portrait. Or, I could maybe demo something else…

If you were going to watch someone demonstrate an item or skill, what would you like to see?

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