I don’t knit or crochet or spin

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Wool gathering
Wool gathering
I don’t knit, crochet, or spin so why am I buying yarn and wool roving? I guess because it’s soft and blue!

Today DD#1 and I went to the Wool Gathering event at Young’s Dairy Farm. It’s an annual event where people bring their llamas, alpacas, sheep, angora rabbits, and whatever other animals that give fiber. You can see them and pet them and learn about them. And, of course, there are lots of booths with every imaginable kind of natural fiber yarn and wool roving and pretty much anything else you can imagine. We’ve gone several times through the years because we both love touching soft things. We pretty much go from booth to booth petting fiber.

I succumbed to a very soft blue alpaca yarn. They told me it should be enough for a scarf. What do I know? I don’t knit! But it’s soft and pretty. I also bought some wool and alpaca roving. I’m thinking I might felt something. I don’t want to learn another hobby like spinning. Then again, I might just put it all in my bowl full of blue.

Since my hands are always cold, I bought some alpaca gloves for only $10! I’m sure they’ll keep my hands toasty this winter. Oh, and we had to eat some homemade ice cream because I had a coupon for a free scoop. Ice cream is my downfall. Especially “Cow Patty” ice cream ;-P