Three years later

Three years ago my world changed. My sweet hubby unexpectedly left this earth and went to heaven. What an awful day. So much changed that day. Some changes were expected. A lot of changes took me by surprise. Yes, it still hurts, and I miss him something dreadful. He was my closest friend: the one who stuck by me no matter what, the one who cheered me on, the one … Continue reading

Getting back in to the swing

I’m busy getting back in the swing of things! The first good news to share is that two of my secret quilts (ones I can’t show you yet) have been juried into a special exhibit called Circular Abstractions that Nancy Crow is putting together! My experimental quilt shown to the left was the first in this series, so it is similar in some ways, but these two new quilts pushed … Continue reading

A visit with Lee Anna Paylor

Yesterday I had a delightful visit with Lee Anna Paylor of Not Afraid of Color. Her husband was in town on a business trip and she and her poodle, Cole, came along. It turns out to be a win-win situation because he has a traveling partner and she gets to sample all the local quilt shops. I directed her to my favorite, Fabric Shack, which, of course, she loved, too! … Continue reading

Altered shoes

In 2011, I used Shiva Paintstiks to color my boring beige Birkenstocks a fabulous iridescent blue. I loved those sandals, but they were already four years old when I painted them the first time. Last summer I realized that I might need to eventually replace them. During the winter, I found a pair of deeply discounted Birkenstocks and I snatched them, even though they were sort of a dingy color … Continue reading

Finishing touches to the top

I started Monday by making what I thought were going to be just a few finishing touches to the quilt top. I thought I would just spend an hour or two, but that curvy bottom edge kept bugging me. I just had to change it. I dug in my trash can and pulled out the scraps that I had cut off. Thankfully, the print is really forgiving. I was able … Continue reading

Tutorial: Dyeing unusual things

It always surprises me a bit when I realize how many things can actually be dyed. I am certainly no expert at dyeing. I’ve only done it a handful of times, probably because it is not my favorite thing to do. When I first learned to dye fabric, it was drilled into me that you can only dye natural fibers: cotton, linen, rayon, silk, wool. So, it never occurred to … Continue reading

Review of 2012

Here’s my review of 2012 (DD#2’s idea), but I’m going to start a few months earlier because I especially like those events. 🙂 So, in addition to speaking and teaching at fifteen quilt guilds in less than two years, writing twelve articles for Quilting Arts during that same time, and making three trips to California to visit my dad, here is my life for the last eighteen months in pictures. … Continue reading