Reviving Grandma’s Garden

Coloring Grandma's Garden by Maria Elkins

I was looking at upcoming show deadlines and I realized I needed to take a break from my Push-up series and actually finish quilting something! So, I decided to revive a quilt that I began last year. It’s been quietly hibernating for nearly eleven months. It’s about time I finished it. I mostly just need to finish quilting the background, but first I spent the weekend un-stitching some particularly ugly … Continue reading

Where to go next?

With a bow to you red-lovers (you know who you are, Sharon!), after Push-up #3 I was ready to move to some colors I was a bit more comfortable with, without defaulting to blue, of course. I saw a cool photo of a weathered, wooden fence that had turned beautiful shades of gray, and along the top edge it was covered with bright green moss. I started with some of … Continue reading

Work-at-home ethics, part 2

I was talking to DD#1 about the idea of artists doing “push-ups.” That’s the way I think of the process of exploring an idea without expecting to create a masterpiece. It is a relaxed approach. It’s low risk. I don’t worry about failure. I just try to enjoy the process. I try to keep my brain engaged while I work, and I try to think of other variations that could … Continue reading

Good work-at-home ethics

The last couple of weeks, I’ve been trying to teach myself good work-at-home ethics. I’ve been using this quilt as my learning tool. Part of its purpose is to explore tonal gradations. The other part is to train myself to stay on task. I need to learn good work-at-home ethics because I’m becoming more ADD as I grow older! I remember when I used to sew single-mindedly for hours on … Continue reading

This project has been postponed

I’ve decided that I’m going to postpone the completion of this project. I wanted to complete it by today, but there’s no possible way to do that and still be happy with the results. I decided it was much better for me to relax, take my time, and enjoy the process. So, the quilt will go on the design wall for a while, and I’ll come back to it fresh … Continue reading

Roadblocks and irritations

I worked quite diligently yesterday. I usually do when a deadline is looming. I’m not one to give up easily. I stayed focused but still took reasonable breaks so I wouldn’t injure myself. My goal was to have both girls quilted and the central flower and leaves, too. I nearly made it. I got all of those things done except the arms, hands, and faces. I had a few roadblocks. … Continue reading

Product Review: EcoluxLighting

I had to make myself stop fiddling with the top and get on with it. Yesterday morning, I pin basted the quilt layers. Then I spent some time cleaning up my sewing area. I had to dig out George from under all the clutter that collects over time. Still unwilling to actually quilt something, I rationalized that I needed to really clean my table top around George. I even used … Continue reading

Finishing touches to the top

I started Monday by making what I thought were going to be just a few finishing touches to the quilt top. I thought I would just spend an hour or two, but that curvy bottom edge kept bugging me. I just had to change it. I dug in my trash can and pulled out the scraps that I had cut off. Thankfully, the print is really forgiving. I was able … Continue reading