Reviving Grandma’s Garden

Coloring Grandma's Garden (detail) by Maria ElkinsI was looking at upcoming show deadlines and I realized I needed to take a break from my Push-up series and actually finish quilting something! So, I decided to revive a quilt that I began last year. It’s been quietly hibernating for nearly eleven months. It’s about time I finished it. I mostly just need to finish quilting the background, but first I spent the weekend un-stitching some particularly ugly quilting that I had done just before I quit.

I spent yesterday and today quilting. Because I waited so long, I was able to come at this quilt with a different perspective. I decided I wanted to quilt the Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt blocks very loosely, almost as if the little girls had decided to help Grandma by coloring flowers on top of them. I studied a bunch of drawings done by 5 to 7 year-olds and tried to imimate their loose, carefree style. As I was quilting those flowers, I started thinking about the title and decided to call this quilt “Coloring Grandma’s Garden.”

Coloring Grandma's Garden by Maria Elkins

I also finished the pebbly “ground” at the base of the quilt. Now I just need to finish quilting between the flowers and then I’ll be able to finish it off!

  1. Barbara

    I love this one, thank you for showing us the results.