Push-up #9: Improvisational Seminole Patchwork?

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seminole-patchworkI was looking through one of the first quilting books I ever purchased: Seminole Patchwork by Cheryl Greider Bradkin. This book is long out of print. It has a 1980 copyright, and the author came out with a new edition in the early 90’s, also out of print. The later version is in our public library and has nicer illustrations.

pushup09-01Anyway, the thing that is interesting to me is that seminole patchwork is just strip piecing and restructuring, but it is usually done in a very precise way. I wondered if it could be adapted to a more improvisational approach, so I decided to experiment a bit with some of the principles presented in this book. Since the seminole patchwork often involves angles, this will also give me the opportunity to play with some of the chevron fabrics that I’ve hoarded.

I’ve barely begun, but I’m hoping to push through these experiments very fast!