Tutorial: Painting Birkenstocks with Shiva Paintstiks

The finished product

I still haven’t been doing any quilting, but I’ve been kept busy with a lot of other creative things! Last year, of course, I was busy collaborating with my daughter. She wrote a book called A Mommas Heart: Comfort for Loss Moms. It is a book for mothers who have lost an infant during a pregnancy or soon after. She also did a photograph for each page, and then I … Continue reading

Getting back in to the swing

I’m busy getting back in the swing of things! The first good news to share is that two of my secret quilts (ones I can’t show you yet) have been juried into a special exhibit called Circular Abstractions that Nancy Crow is putting together! My experimental quilt shown to the left was the first in this series, so it is similar in some ways, but these two new quilts pushed … Continue reading

Personalized cloth book the easy way

Personalized cloth book the easy way

My granddaughter, Hazel, will be one next week! She loves reading books, so I thought it would be fun to make her a personalized cloth book, but I don’t really have the time to make it as elaborate as I would like. Instead, I needed something quick and easy. A couple weeks ago I found a really cute book panel on Spoonflower that is customizable with the baby’s name, so … Continue reading

Not quilting related, but happy just the same

So, it isn’t quilting related, but it makes me happy just the same. Maybe you’ll enjoy it, too. Next to organizing my studio, my favorite place to organize is my kitchen. I bought some fun shelf paper before Christmas, and I’ve been waiting for a few extra hours so I could use it. Today, after breakfast I decided to seize the moment! We’ve been in this house, which is the … Continue reading

Keeping busy while traveling

What do you do to stay busy when you are traveling? I often read or play games on my iPad. On this last trip, I decided to bring a few projects with me. One thing I love about my “Making Faces” portrait technique is that you can do it just about anywhere. It doesn’t require a lot of supplies or space. When we flew last Tuesday, one of our flights … Continue reading

Church craft day

Yesterday our church had a craft day where a bunch of the ladies and older girls brought whatever craft they wanted to work on, and we all had fun talking and snacking, and even did some of our crafts! It was a really nice time, and very productive, too. I hauled my Janome over to the church and did some sewing with my two daughters and Hazel. An organization called … Continue reading

New year’s resolutions are starting early

During the month of December, I also got serious about decluttering my house. (Another one of those reasons I haven’t been quilting and blogging much.) It all started because I wanted to baby-proof the house for Hazel, but for years now I’ve been beating myself up for not getting it done, so baby-proofing is really just the final motivation I needed. I broke down each room into mini-tasks, and I’m … Continue reading

Tutorial: DIY reversible drawstring toy bag & play mat

Toy bag tutorial

It’s fifteen days until Christmas! If you need a quick DIY gift for the child in your life, here’s a great one. I made this reversible toy bag / play mat in about half a day. Adorable little Hazel has three sets of grandparents within a ten mile radius, so they are often traveling from home to home to visit. DD#2 needed a way to schlep baby toys from house … Continue reading