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quilt-carry-bag-02I was trying to think of some clever name for the bag I just finished, but I was just too excited about finishing and I couldn’t wait to share it with you. So, here is my new quilt carry bag. If you can think of some fancy name for it, be sure to let me know!

For several years now I’ve been dragging my quilts around to guilds around the country whenever I speak. Up until now, I’ve just rolled them all up together (by the way, always roll quilts right side out to minimize wrinkling on the front of the quilt), and then I wrap the roll in a simple piece of fabric and tie it all up with strips of fabric. That worked okay, but there were many times it would have been nice to have handles to make carrying easier.

So, for more than a year, I’ve been planning to make a carry bag to make it easier to bring my quilts with me. I started reading various books and blogs to get ideas of how to make my bag and what features I might like. I even pinned a slew of tutorials and even read a few! Then last September, I started collecting the fabric and supplies that I would need. I even got some custom blue hardware for my bag!

Yesterday I decided to start my custom bag, and today I finished. Someday I’ll write a tutorial for my bag, but in the meantime, I just wanted to show it off!

I included various straps so sweet hubby can carry it in his hand or sling it over his shoulder. I also put a strap on one end so it can be picked up vertically. I put oilcloth on the bottom for those times we need to set down the bag on damp pavement.

quilt-carry-bag-03On the bottom of the bag, I added a wide sleeve so it can be slipped over the handle of our rolling carts.

The bag ended up roomier than I originally intended, so I guess I better get busy and make some more quilts to fill it up.

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    • Maria

      Hahaha! I like it, Kathy! Or, I could go James Bond and call it my HQWT bag 😉