Documentary about Amalya

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Amalya Nathaniel
Amalya Nathaniel
It’s time for a “proud grandma moment!”

(This post is not quilt-related and it may be emotional, so feel free to ignore it. And if you’re on my Facebook page, you may have already seen this.)

Some of you know that I have a grandson, Amalya Nathaniel (his name means “Work of the Lord, Given by God”). He had a neural tube defect called anencephaly. This is a 100% fatal condition. Often, babies with this condition pass away before birth. Knowing this, my daughter and son-in-law still chose to carry him to term. He was born in September 10, 2012, and we were so blessed that he lived an hour and twenty minutes. My daughter and son-in-law chose to create a lasting legacy for him by donating his liver, pancreas, and full body to medical research. Since that time, my daughter has established a website called Purposeful Gift so they could help other expectant parents facing similar situations, and so they could give accurate information about neonatal organ donation. They’ve also had the opportunity to travel around the country to share their story with various medical groups.

Here’s my proud grandma moment: one organization chose to do a video documentary about their story! My daughter blogged about this part of their journey on her website.

You can see the ten-minute documentary about their journey here, or click on the picture below.

Amalya's Documentary

11 Responses

  1. Lisa Pentecost

    Thank you for sharing this. So moving. What a selfless gift they have given.

  2. Queenie

    Wow,the strength and heart of your daughter and son-in-law is beautiful, powerful, and amazing. You have every right to be a proud grandma.

  3. Brenda Johnson

    Thanks for sharing this video. I’ve read all about it in your blog, but hearing them tell it was additionally moving. What a wonderful way to bring life from this priceless experience.

  4. Lisa F.

    What a touching story. I am glad that they shared their story.

  5. Karen C.

    Thank you for sharing your story with us. We lost our 38 year old son this May. Please them your kids THANK YOU.

  6. Lynda T

    Hi Maria, I got away from QuiltArt and wasn’t aware of your grandson’s story. A friend sent me a link to your quilt, because it is beautiful and spiritual. I had no idea of the story, realized it was your quilt, so I had to find out more. I have cried over this. I love your work anyway, but this whole story is so precious along with the loving joy through the heartache. I guess being a new grandmother makes me more sensitive.

    The work of the man in blue is identical to a man my husband works with named Gary.

    Blessings on you Maria and your dear family.

  7. Martha Ginn

    Maria, what precious young people your daughter and son-in-law are; I had been touched by the quilt and am amazed at the strength it took to make this documentary. It will undoubtedly help others in this tragic situation find purpose and meaning through their pain. I know God led them and you through each step of this journey. Thank you for sharing with us.

  8. Sandi Phipps

    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful and sad story. Your family is remarkable. Thank you.