Four years… In Memory of…

Today our family remembers two very special people. My grandson, sweet little Amalya Nathaniel, was born and passed away on September 10, 2012. God used him in such amazing ways. We were blessed that he lived for one hour and twenty minutes, but he’ll be in our hearts forever. My quilt, Surrender, was made as a memorial to Amalya’s brief but very meaningful life. Just a week before Amalya was … Continue reading

Donate Life float

DD#2 was chosen to ride on the Donate Life float in the Rose Parade on January 1, in honor of her son, Amalya Nathaniel. She and her sweet hubby are in Pasadena right now decorating the float. Here are a few pictures. Be sure to watch for her on January 1! … Continue reading

Review of 2014

Introducing Hazel Rinoa

I can’t believe it is already the end of 2014! This has been a busy, eventful year for our family. Being “Mimi” means a lot of quilt making gets put on hold temporarily so I can focus completely on little Hazel, but I expect in the coming year things should start balancing out more. Here are a few of the bright spots for 2014. Click the caption for the full … Continue reading

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

These awareness magnets are one of the new projects that I have been helping DD#2 with. She designed the car magnets, and I created them in Photoshop. October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. October 15th is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. And, of course, Anencephaly Awareness is a topic near and dear to our heart. The footprints are from my grandson, Amalya. He had anencephaly and on … Continue reading

Happy birthday to me!

Isn’t she just adorable? Happy birthday to me! Today is my birthday, and I’m thankful for every year I’ve been given. So, I haven’t been doing much quilting the last month, but I’ve been busy with many very valuable events. To begin with, I got to cuddle the little bundle of joy shown above almost every day. She’s almost five months old now and she always wakes up with a … Continue reading

Documentary about Amalya

It’s time for a “proud grandma moment!” (This post is not quilt-related and it may be emotional, so feel free to ignore it. And if you’re on my Facebook page, you may have already seen this.) Some of you know that I have a grandson, Amalya Nathaniel (his name means “Work of the Lord, Given by God”). He had a neural tube defect called anencephaly. This is a 100% fatal … Continue reading

Happy Father’s Day

Grandpa and Hazel

Happy Father’s Day to a few of the men in my life. To my sweet hubby, despite having no good human role model in your life, you looked to your Heavenly Father as your example of what a real father should be and, because of that, you are a terrific dad! No doubt, you’ll be a terrific grandpa, too. To Amalya and Hazel’s daddy, you’ve already displayed the love, tenderness, … Continue reading