In Memory of…

Today our family remembers two very special people. My grandson, sweet little Amalya Nathaniel, was born and passed away on September 10, 2012. God used him in such amazing ways. We were blessed that he lived for one hour and twenty minutes, but he’ll be in our hearts forever. My quilt, Surrender, was made as a memorial to Amalya’s brief but very meaningful life. Our daughter wrote a short memorial … Continue reading

Purposeful Gift

neonatal organ and tissue donation

If you have been reading my blog for less than a year, you may not know about my precious grandson, Amalya Nathaniel. He was born about ten months ago with a congenital birth defect called anencephaly. That is where the skull does not fully develop, and it is not possible for babies with this condition to survive outside the womb. We were immensely blessed to lavish him with love the … Continue reading

Review of 2012

Here’s my review of 2012 (DD#2’s idea), but I’m going to start a few months earlier because I especially like those events. 🙂 So, in addition to speaking and teaching at fifteen quilt guilds in less than two years, writing twelve articles for Quilting Arts during that same time, and making three trips to California to visit my dad, here is my life for the last eighteen months in pictures. … Continue reading

Celebrating Amalya

I want to share one last post about our precious Amalya Nathaniel. I’ve been waiting to show pictures of my little grandson because I wanted to let my daughter be the first to share pictures on her Facebook page, and I also wanted her to help me pick out a couple to share with you. We were so blessed by the gift of Amalya. Before he was diagnosed, none of … Continue reading

Remembering Amalya

Yesterday we spent as much time as possible creating memories of our time with little Amalya. Several of us brought our Bibles with us, and we put his footprint at key verses in our Bibles. I put one footprint at Psalm 139, right over verses 13 through 15, because we believe God doesn’t make mistakes. He intended Amalya to be exactly who he was, and we truly were blessed by … Continue reading

Loving Amalya

Our sweet little Amalya arrived this morning, September 10, via cesarean section at 7:51 AM. He was 4 lbs 9 oz and measured 16-1/8″ long. We were thrilled that Mommy and Daddy had some special time with him, and then the three sets of grandparents and three great-grandmothers all had a chance to snuggle him. He lived about one hour and twenty minutes before he slipped peacefully into the loving … Continue reading

Sneak peak of Amalya

On Saturday, we had the great priviledge of seeing a sneak peak of our grandson. DD#2 and her hubby were gifted with a 3D/4D ultrasound, donated by Sustaining Grace. Their mission is to “To help provide non-medical 3D and 4D ultrasounds for the parents of babies that have received a fatal diagnosis. If these parents are going to give their child every chance at life, we would like to provide … Continue reading

Life party for Amalya

I’ve mentioned before about how our daughter and her husband are expecting their first child, but the baby has a condition that will not allow for him to survive outside the womb. I know some people don’t understand, but our daughter and son-in-law (and all of us as a family) have chosen to fully embrace this child and be the best parents they can be for as long as God … Continue reading