Final wedding post

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This will (hopefully) be my final wedding post. I still have odds and ends to sift through and put away, but I’m ready to return to quilting! My studio desperately needs to be put back in order (again!). That will … Continued

Wedding of DD#1

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If you are wondering why I’ve dropped off the face of the earth for the last few months, this is what it looks like when you and your family become the wedding coordinator, caterer, chief designer, craftsmen, and all around … Continued

Yes, yes we did…

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…because we didn’t already have enough to do…we glued dictionary pages to the bride’s shoes. “Lovably insane.” I think those are the exact words my future son-in-law used when he saw what we were doing. Well, my excuse is: what … Continued

Wedding photos

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Do you have wedding photos? The very first wedding I ever attended was my own, and I was 19. I didn’t know people paid huge sums of money to get lots of fancy pictures done by someone who actually knew … Continued

Yikes! What am I going to wear?

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Time for a report from wedding central. Bride: bridal gown is ready to go, but DD#1 has requested a few more minor modifications, if time allows Bridesmaids: two of the three bridesmaids dresses are complete and the last one just … Continued

And the groom will wear…

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So, if the bride is wearing a patchwork of hand-me-downs that are 30 and 40 years old, and the bridesmaids are wearing curtains and tablecloths, what should the groom wear? A bridesmaid skirt, of course! Several months back I snagged … Continued