Tutorial: Painting Birkenstocks with Shiva Paintstiks

The finished product

I still haven’t been doing any quilting, but I’ve been kept busy with a lot of other creative things! Last year, of course, I was busy collaborating with my daughter. She wrote a book called A Mommas Heart: Comfort for Loss Moms. It is a book for mothers who have lost an infant during a pregnancy or soon after. She also did a photograph for each page, and then I … Continue reading

Reposting: Confused by pixels, resolution, and DPI?

I’m reposting this blog from a couple years ago because I there is so much confusion when it comes to digital image size and thought it could be helpful. When it comes to digital pictures, are you confused by pixels, DPI, and resolution? You’re not alone! I’m pretty much just a point-and-shoot photographer. I like to assume my end result is going to be great. After all, it looks great … Continue reading

Tutorial: hammers for flat corners

I finished quilting my little quilt, Requisite Red. George behaved admirably once I put in Magnifico by Superior Threads. Magnifico is a 40 weight polyester thread specifically designed to stand up to the tension requirements of a machine like George. I used prewound bobbins of Bottom Line thread. I was able to achieve an acceptable tension with very little trouble. What a relief! I decided to use facing to finish … Continue reading

Personalized cloth book the easy way

Personalized cloth book the easy way

My granddaughter, Hazel, will be one next week! She loves reading books, so I thought it would be fun to make her a personalized cloth book, but I don’t really have the time to make it as elaborate as I would like. Instead, I needed something quick and easy. A couple weeks ago I found a really cute book panel on Spoonflower that is customizable with the baby’s name, so … Continue reading

Tutorial: DIY reversible drawstring toy bag & play mat

Toy bag tutorial

It’s fifteen days until Christmas! If you need a quick DIY gift for the child in your life, here’s a great one. I made this reversible toy bag / play mat in about half a day. Adorable little Hazel has three sets of grandparents within a ten mile radius, so they are often traveling from home to home to visit. DD#2 needed a way to schlep baby toys from house … Continue reading

Finally — curtains!

There are some things I get done very quickly. Other things…not so much. This is a project of the latter kind! I haven’t been doing much quilting lately, but I wanted to do some kind of sewing. Thursday I woke up and immediately thought, “I should sew curtains for my living room.” Why did that thought pop into my mind? I have no idea, but back in August 2011 I … Continue reading

Tutorial: custom pressing table

Yesterday I talked about my experience trying out Steady Betty, a foam pressing surface that is ideal for pressing pieced quilt blocks and tops. I like how the foam grips the fabric so it doesn’t slide around when pressing the block, and I also like how flat the seams are afterwards. After trying it out for a while, I decided I liked it enough to create a more permanent pressing … Continue reading

Tutorial: Mounting a quilt on canvas-covered stretcher bars

Look at those nice, smooth corners.

Push-up #8 had to be set aside for a few days so I could deal with a bushel of green peppers. I also took a day to mount Acceptance on canvas-covered stretcher bars. This is the quilt that was commissioned for a pediatric hospice. When the director asked for suggestions on how to frame and display the quilt, I recommended that, instead of framing and placing it under glass, it … Continue reading