My Indy shop hop

Quilt Expressions

I’ve been to Indianapolis many times, but we never managed to make time to visit any quilt stores. I know, shocking! Well, when sweet hubby and I were there earlier this month, he suggested we take a day to drive around town and do some exploring. I picked out three that were not too far from where we were staying, and we had a great time exploring. He even stayed … Continue reading

Tutorial: hammers for flat corners

I finished quilting my little quilt, Requisite Red. George behaved admirably once I put in Magnifico by Superior Threads. Magnifico is a 40 weight polyester thread specifically designed to stand up to the tension requirements of a machine like George. I used prewound bobbins of Bottom Line thread. I was able to achieve an acceptable tension with very little trouble. What a relief! I decided to use facing to finish … Continue reading

Product review: Mat Smoother

Mat Smoother and Lint Magnet

I’ve had my big rotary cutting mat for about three years now, and I’ve noticed that it was getting rather scarred, probably because I don’t change my blades often enough. There are certain spots that get more than their share of attention, too. For instance, right around the 36″ line. I think that is because when I am sitting comfortably at my worktable, that line is just about where my … Continue reading

Improving my foot pedal, Part 2

A couple weeks ago I told you how I tried to improve my sewing machine’s foot pedal by adding some self-adhesive, rubbery feet. Unfortunately, this didn’t last very long. I must put a lot of hard, forward pressure on my foot pedal because the rubbery feet all slid off. I realized I needed to find another solution. I googled other possiblities. One person said they used one of those honeycomb … Continue reading

Product Review: Steady Betty

Steady Betty

I haven’t mentioned it on my blog, but I’ve been testing out a new-to-me product for six months or more now. It’s called Steady Betty, and it is a special pressing surface. It is especially good for pressing lots of seams after piecing blocks. It sort of grabs the fabric so it can’t slip around on you. Even better, it is some type of foam so it is a little … Continue reading

Improving my foot pedal, Part 1

While I’m in problem-solving gear, I started thinking of ways to improve the foot pedal for my sewing machine. It likes moving around on my tile floor, and it is always getting away from me. I’m always searching for it with my foot. A month ago, I got this little mat, called a Pedal Stay, which is supposed to hold your foot pedal in one place so it doesn’t run … Continue reading

Improving my sewing table

One thing I don’t like about my new SewEzi table is how there is a gap to the right of the clear acrylic insert, right in front of the machine. There was a gap with my other table, too, and I was always dropping things into it. And sometimes, when I put down my seam ripper or some other gadget, if it didn’t roll into the gap, it would roll … Continue reading

Product Review: SewEzi Sewing Table

SewEzi Portable Table

I finally broke down and got a new sewing table for my Janome. This time around, I bought a SewEzi Portable Table. In December 2011, when George came to live with us, my Janome needed a new home so I got a portable sewing table. In many respects, I really like that table. At 40″ by 20″, the table top is a nice size. There is room next to the … Continue reading