Product Review: SewEzi Sewing Table

SewEzi Portable Table
SewEzi Portable Table
I finally broke down and got a new sewing table for my Janome. This time around, I bought a SewEzi Portable Table.

In December 2011, when George came to live with us, my Janome needed a new home so I got a portable sewing table. In many respects, I really like that table. At 40″ by 20″, the table top is a nice size. There is room next to the machine for my scissors, pins, a drink, and even a small 6″x9″ cutting mat. The opening for the sewing machine was too small for my Janome, so sweet hubby had to make it a little bigger, but that worked out all right. I used the clear acrylic surround that came with my Janome to cover up all the gaps, but it extended forward a little too far, so I was always bumping it and pushing it out of alignment, but overall, I like that table. Despite all its good points, it has one fatal flaw. The braces that hold the legs in place do not snap into clip mechanisms very well, so they are always popping out, which makes the table wiggly. On one occasion, the leg gave way completely and the table partially collapsed. Fortunately, I caught it.

Two tables set up next to each otherWiggly tables get annoying after a while, so I broke down and bought the SewEzi table. It arrived yesterday. It was a breeze to set up, and I can tell already that it is going to be much sturdier that my previous table. At 34″ by 19″, it is smaller, but I think the size will be just fine. The height of older table is just a bit less, so it fits neatly next to the new table. While I won’t always keep my studio set up like this, it might be handy from time to time. For instance, when I am quilting a large quilt that needs extra support or when I’m piecing a complicated top when I need to lay out pieces in a particular order.

The new SewEzi table will be great for taking to workshops. It has hand holds so it will be easy to carry. It also has wheels if I don’t want to carry it. Plus it came with a handy cover. I will appreciate that because my other one got scuffed up while traveling to and from workshops.

Now I just need to get back to my studio to give it a try.