Miamisburg Material Girls

Miamisburg Material Girls

On Thursday I had another opportunity to talk about one of my favorite subjects: color! Sweet hubby and I went down to Miamisburg and I did a lecture for the Material Girls quilt guild. Doesn’t this look like a nice group of ladies? Yes, they really were nice and friendly! I gave them the option of doing the lecture with a PowerPoint presentation or just from the quilts themselves, and … Continue reading

Patchwork Quilt Guild

Yesterday was a wonderful day. I had the delightful opportunity of speaking about color with the Patchwork Quilt Guild in Hamilton, Ohio. This friendly group of women welcomed me in, and I had a great time sharing about the all different ideas about color. I showed them a short PowerPoint presentation and then I shared a bunch of my quilts to help illustrate the various principles. All in all, I … Continue reading

Value study: Dancing Glow Sticks

Value Study by Maria Elkins

I thought you might enjoy seeing a value study that I made one day during my little quilt retreat. I’m very interested in how colors change based on what color they are placed next to. In this study, the background is done in a very narrow range of dark, navy blues and the stripes in each row gradate from very light to very dark. There were a couple things I … Continue reading

Munsell Color Blog

Last month, I was contacted by Jannette who manages the Munsell Color Blog. Their blog features people who use Munsell Color in their work or other activities, and she asked if I would be interested in writing a guest post for their blog about how I use Munsell Color theory in my quiltmaking. Of course, I said yes! What a great opportunity to introduce art quilts to a greater audience. … Continue reading

Batty Binders Quilt Guild

Another fun day! Today I spent the whole day teaching about color. Next to making portraits, playing with color is one of my favorite things to do. Fifteen ladies from the Batty Binders Quilt Guild came today, and I had the opportunity to talk about the color wheel, color schemes, value, and so many other things. Everyone brought squares of fabric to share, and each person went home with their … Continue reading

I’m still giggling

A funny thing happened to me this week, and I’m still giggling over it! The last two weeks have been crazy. One week, just about everything we had planned got rescheduled or replaced. Then I got sick for two days. I was feeling better when I taught last Saturday but still not quite 100%. Anyway, in the midst of all that, I got an email from a friend about an … Continue reading

Nancy Crow workshop: Potpourri: days 3, 4, & 5

The second assignment went back to the simple little compositions that we made at home before class began. We were allowed to use up to three of them, but I chose to just use one. Again, we were to focus on “flat” and “glowing” colors. Nancy wanted the figure to be very glowing and the background to be very flat. After our last realization of how much colors can change, … Continue reading

Nancy Crow workshop: Potpourri: days 1 & 2

Do you remember those thirty mini compositions I made a couple weeks ago? I made them to prepare for another luxurious week at Nancy Crow’s Timber Barn last week. It really is such a treat for me to go. Back when I was still working for an engineer full time, I remember pouring over each brochure, year after year, longing to go. I feel very privileged that God has arranged … Continue reading