Keeping busy while traveling

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Hazel at 10 monthsWhat do you do to stay busy when you are traveling? I often read or play games on my iPad. On this last trip, I decided to bring a few projects with me. One thing I love about my “Making Faces” portrait technique is that you can do it just about anywhere. It doesn’t require a lot of supplies or space. When we flew last Tuesday, one of our flights was four hours long. During that time, I took out my little embroidery scissors and the fabric I had prepared in advance and I made this little 8-1/2″ by 11″ portrait of Hazel. She was 10 months old in this picture. It was fun to bring the portrait to the lecture that evening and tell everyone that I made it on the way there!

Hazel at 3 monthsOn the way home we had a long layover. I pulled out a second project and made this. Now, I have to admit, this one went really fast — maybe only a couple hours — because Hazel is only three months old in this photo, she has no hair, and it is cropped in really close. By the time we needed to board the plane, it was done!

mamma-and-hazelSince I was in the groove, I decided to work on the last project I brought. Again, we had a four hour flight so there was plenty of time for me to get started. I thought it might take longer than that time since I was working on two people instead of just one, but I worked steadily throughout the whole flight and finished before touchdown!

I don’t expect I’ll make a portrait every time I have a few hours to kill, but it’s nice to know that I can!

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      • Maria

        I had prepared my photos in advance before I left my home. I also fused the fusible webbing to the back of the fabrics that I wanted to use. The prepared photo gets attached to the back of the prepared fabric. Then all I needed to do was to cut out the features using my paper pattern and then layer the fabrics so the portrait would show up. I can do that on my lap. All I need is a pair of embroidery scissors and a small bag for the scraps that I am cutting away.