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Tucson Quilters GuildIt’s been a long couple weeks. First, I focused completely on taming George so I could quilt my secret, 84″ x 84″ quilt in just one week. Mission accomplished!

I finished in time to then re-focus on the next task, which was preparing for a trip to Tucson so I could speak and teach. This time we also flew instead of driving like we usually do, which means I had to figure out how to pack everything in four suitcases instead of having lots of space in Li’l Blue, my little quilt car. Thankfully we flew on an airline that allowed us to check two bags each for free, so packing was accomplished with a minimum of difficulty.

Tucson Quilters GuildWe left our house at 3 AM last Tuesday morning so we could drive to the airport an hour from our house. The flights were all on time and we arrived in plenty of time for a nap before the evening guild meeting of the Tucson Quilters Guild. I had a great time sharing lots of eye candy in the form of portrait quilts, followed by a trunk show of my own quilts. They have such a big guild that Wednesday morning I got to do it again!

Thursday, a large group of ladies joined me for a “Making Faces” workshop — my favorite! We even had some last minute sign-ups who had attended a lecture and then decided they wanted to take the workshop, too. It was a blast! Both Dave and I were able to make the rounds to offer instruction and suggestions as they created their own masterpieces, and didn’t they turn out wonderfully?

Thank you all, ladies, for making our time in Tucson such a pleasure!

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  1. Patsy Heacox

    Great posting. I’m going to share this with a couple of other quilters so they’ll think about taking a class from you. (& Dave)