Three years later

Three years ago my world changed. My sweet hubby unexpectedly left this earth and went to heaven. What an awful day.

So much changed that day. Some changes were expected. A lot of changes took me by surprise. Yes, it still hurts, and I miss him something dreadful. He was my closest friend: the one who stuck by me no matter what, the one who cheered me on, the one I counted on knowing he would never willingly leave me. Nevertheless, God has plans that we don’t understand, and I choose to trust Him.

I am very thankful that I am close to my two daughters and their husbands. They have stood in the gap and have been such a source of comfort. And, of course, the grandbabies provide endless joy. Little Hazel was only 17 months old when “Bap” went to heaven. She is now 4-1/2, but we keep telling her stories about her special relationship with him, and she talks about him to this day. Little Aliza at 2-1/2, never knew Bap, but she recognizes his pictures and knows the stories about who he was. And now we are going to have the joy of sharing “Bap hugs” (he was well-know for his hugs) and Bap stories with two new babies! DD#2 is expecting another little one on March 4, and DD#1 is expecting her first on March 13! What a joy! God is so good to offset the deep grief with deep joy.

No, I haven’t gone back to quilting quite yet. I still feel it is more important to finish digitally recording Dave’s messages. It is wonderful to hear his voice. I’m hoping to be wrapping this project up before the new babies come. Plus, we are now renovating my studio area. It is in a converted garage, but it didn’t have air conditioning or heat, and it was never insulated properly, and the floor was just the concrete slab. Once we’re done with the upgrade, it will be a combination homeschool room and studio for me. Won’t that be fun? I’ll be able to enjoy watching the girls as they learn, and they’ll be able to watch me as I quilt and create art. I’m looking forward to that.

Bittersweet. That’s what the memories are. So many good memories, but knowing that future memories can’t include Dave. That’s sad. He would have loved these grandkids! He loved God, he loved having fun, and he loved people. He had that unmistakable gift of loving everyone, and I miss it. If you ever had the opportunity to meet Dave, possibly at one of my lectures or workshops, I’d love to hear your memories of him. Please take a moment to leave a comment.


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  1. Tina Toles Avatar
    Tina Toles

    I think about you and your husband often. I miss him so much. I miss his kind and gentle spirit. I knew I could count on him to support the the Writer’s Guild. Pastor David was a true friend. I knew if I had a problem I could share it with him and he would help find a solution. He was a friend that would pray with you and for you. The Writer’s Guild hasn’t been the same since he passed. I thank you Maria for sharing him with us. Still praying for you and your family.

    1. Thank you, Tina. He was a loyal friend, and he made sure he came to your meeting every possible time.