What a wonderful way to start the New Year!

The room is finished! The new floor is in! January 1, 2019 is move-in day for our new studio and homeschool room. I can’t wait! I think it will be so much fun to be working on my side of the room while watching my daughter homeschool her two daughters.

But first I just had to enjoy the new floor for a few days. Just beautiful! Thank you, Eric for all your hard work. This will be a great floor for the kids to play on without worrying about it getting damaged. It is made of birch-faced plywood which we got for free!

January 1 started early for us. We were very grateful for four friends (Thanks, Dan, Marty, Brock, and Riley!) coming to help with the move. For the last three months, all of the big pieces of furniture from the studio have been living in our dining room and living room. Things have been cramped! In a hour or so, they had all the furniture in place. My big, heavy-duty work table (3 ft x 8 ft) is always a challenge to fit in through the doorways, but they did a terrific job. The smaller work table will now become the homeschool table. That particular table is great because it is on wheels so my daughter can move it out of the way if they want a big floor space one day.

The library card catalogs were placed in the corner closest to my sewing machine, and next to them I have five 2 ft wide cabinets. I really like these a lot and I’ve used them lots of different ways through the years. They are one of those splurges that I have never regretted. Between the last cabinet and the wall I have about 12″ which is the perfect place to stick my long rolls of paper, my step stool, my ironing board, and other odds and ends.

On the adjacent wall I have a bookcase to hold my Kona cottons and next to that is the big microscope cabinet that holds most of my regular quilting cottons. That cabinet is also a big challenge to move. It’s big (7 ft high and 4 ft wide) and it’s heavy. It was originally used at the nearby university to hold microscopes, so it is really good quality, which means really wood, which means h-e-a-v-y. The guys had to lay it down on its back and then turn it on its side. They put it on an area rug and slid it across the floor. Smart! Then they just had to get it back up and slide it into place. These guys are something else! “Thank you” doesn’t go far enough.

By 1 PM, the guys had all of the main pieces of furniture in place.

After the guys ate some pizza for lunch, they headed over to Eric’s mom’s house. She graciously let us store all my studio stuff in her basement for the last three months while the room was being renovated. As you might imagine, I had a LOT of boxes over there. To my surprise, it only took the guys about an hour to haul it all out of her basement and stack it in my new studio. I was completely amazed and grateful. Now I get the fun of unpacking!!!