Yeah! Finally complete!

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Blue bowling balls
Blue bowling balls
Yeah! I finally finished these! They’ve only been sitting in my living room since last fall. I think I’m ADHD when it comes to crafts. I see a project, imagine all the possibilities, jump in with both feet, and then get distracted by the next project before I’m finished. I’m trying to finish up my odds and ends over the next few weeks. I have an idea for my next quilt, but I want all this little stuff finished and out from under my feet.

I must say, though, that during the last year it’s been fun watching the reactions of different people who saw these (ungrouted) glass-covered bowling balls sitting in my living room! Some thought it was really cool. Others just shook their head. I imagine they felt sorry for my dear hubby who has to put up with me and all my clutter. Little kids loved them! Over the year, they were rolled back and forth for hours. The smaller balls are a covered baseball and softball. My friend’s cute little two-year old wanted to throw them, which is not necessarily a good idea considering we have a glass-top coffee table.

DD#2 will probably not be too happy with me, though. She liked to come over and hold one of the bowling balls on her lap, running her hands over the smooth, bumpy surface. Then she’d pick up one of the smaller balls and gently toss it back and forth from hand to hand.

I admit, there was something rather soothing about feeling the cool surface that is definitely gone now that the grouting is in place, but they can’t live in my house forever. Tomorrow they go to their new home in my front yard.

Once again, this idea is not original to me. Just spend a little time on Google and you can get instructions on how to glue flat marbles to bowling balls.