Maybe I should have more deadlines

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Art cabinetsI’m really good at procrastinating. Maybe it’s because I practice so much. Particularly when I have ridiculous deadlines. Then I’m totally interested in cleaning and sorting stuff. Maybe the process of having to face things logically and unemotionally helps me to get ready to face my deadline logically. Or maybe it forces me into a complete state of panic until I can’t procrastinate any longer. I’m not sure which.

I also need to learn to take before and after pictures. In any case, my quilt guild is getting ready for our annual auction, so that was my excuse for “needing” to clean out a few of my art cabinets. So yesterday I enjoyed a few hours of sorting and organizing the top part of these two cabinets. The bottoms pretty much already looked this way. I was good, though. I didn’t touch the other three cabinets.

Another day I need to decide if I really need to keep all this stuff. Some of the paints are getting old and thick, and I’m not sure if they’re really good any more. If they are, I really need to do some painting this summer and use them up.

Oh, yeah. See those 2-1/2″ strips of hand-dyed fabrics hanging from the doors? Any ideas what I should do with those? I need ideas for jelly rolls. Or maybe I’ll try some improvisational piecing.

Okay, I’m done procrastinating. Back to what I really need to do.

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  1. Ed Chamness

    Did you see the video Shari shared on a jelly roll “mystery” quilt…you sew them together end to end (shortening the first one)…match the ends and sew the two “strips” together…then you do it over again and again until you end up with a good-sized top…I can send it to you if you want…

    • Maria

      No, I haven’t seen that video. Is it online? I think I’ve seen something like that on some blogs.