Nimble Fingers Quilters of Maryland

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Kim JAs I mentioned a couple days ago, DH and I spent a few relaxing days earlier this week in Pennsylvania, but the Nimble Fingers Quilters of Maryland was our final destination. We were welcomed in very nicely (thanks, Susan!) and had a truly wonderful time.

Wednesday I gave a PowerPoint lecture about protecting quilts. I was able to share about the Lost Quilt Come Home website and tell about my experience of having a quilt nearly lost by a shipping company. I also shared all sorts of information about how to protect our quilts, and I gave them all a Quiltmaker’s Documentation form. This is a free resource that I created, and I make it freely available to anyone who would like to use it or distribute it. I love to encourage everyone to document the quilts they make, and I see it as an important step in protecting quilts. I finished the lecture with a short trunk show of my portrait quilts.

Thursday we had lots of fun making faces! Fifteen ladies spent the day together, cutting and chatting and sharing good food. Just look at the fabulous results! (Sorry, despite my best efforts, I always manage to miss taking a few pictures and I mess up a few, too. If yours is missing, please send me a picture so I can include it.)

While I was in Maryland, Susan also brought me to visit her local quilt store, Capital Quilts. It seems like such a fun atmosphere. It is spacious, and well lit. Baskets line the upper shelves. They had loads of books to peruse, and some great samples up on the walls. I managed to take home a few treasures, too.

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  1. Jill Ruspi

    Hi, Maria,

    I see that you two made it home safely. I am so thrilled with the results from the workshop that you presented to our guild, Nimble Fingers. Each and every portrait was great thanks to your clear process and excellent suggestions. I hope to finish my portrait before the next meeting and I will send you a photo. Sincerely, Jill Ruspi

    • Maria

      Thanks, Jill. I can’t wait to see your finished portrait along with everyone else’s!