Anniversary presents

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First new couchIn June we celebrated our 30th anniversary. Supposedly, 30th wedding anniversary gifts should be pearls or diamonds. Well, I’m really not interested in either of those. Instead, we decided to use some money my dad gave us, along with some savings, to purchase our first ever, brand-new couch! Yes, we’ve been married 30 years and we’ve never bought a couch. We’ve always had hand-me-downs and cast-offs, including a particularly horrid dusty pink, floral couch and, before that, a ubiquitous brown plaid couch left over from the 70’s. Our most recent couch was white. As thankful as we were to have it, let’s just say white wasn’t a good color for us.

On July 4th we finally went shopping. We sat on a zillion different couches and finally chose a navy blue couch that feels really good when you run your hands over the soft, bumpy corduroy fabric. Actually, we frequently have people over for Bible studies and counseling, so we bought two couches!


I’m so happy with them. Now everything looks nice and neat and clean. (Of course, that might also be because we had to move out the old stuff and we ended up cleaning and purging a bunch of junk in the process.)
Second new couch

But we don’t use the living room nearly as much as we use the family room, which is also my studio. That’s where we sit and relax, work on the computers, or watch TV. We decided to donate the couch and loveseat that used to be in that room to our church’s nursery, and we bought ourselves a new reclining loveseat.
Reclining loveseat

Ah…comfortable enough for naptime, too!

3 Responses

  1. Lisa

    And surprise! It’s blue! haha Congratulations on your brand new couch!

    • Maria

      Well, I figured if I actually got to pick whatever I wanted….hehehe! Can a blue car be in our future some day?

  2. Sharon Driver

    Awesome, Maria….and of course, BLUE…..!

    Hmmm – how to be kind to Riley and explain SOME people don’t take SIX months to agree on a sofa…..lololol…..