Give away: winner of Cosmic Jewels pattern

Work in progressI pinned my work in progress to my “design wall” which is actually just a piece of styrofoam covered with black fabric. I mostly use it when I take photos of my quilts, so it is not permanently mounted anywhere. That way I can move it around to wherever the light is best.

Anyway, Saturday I spent a little time trimming each of the squares so they were each 4″ square. I’m hoping that will make my finished piece more accurate. Then I pinned the blocks up so I could stand back and see if I wanted to change anything before I sewed it all together.

For instance, I’m not sure I like that one diamond shape of high contrast fabric half way down on the right hand side. On the one hand, I was trying to avoid overmatching my fabrics. On the other hand, I don’t think I want something that is going to continually draw my eye to the edge and off the quilt. I don’t mind the other two high contrast diamonds along the edges nearly as much, maybe because they have less white.

I’m also not sure about the four triangles (two along the top edge and two along the bottom) that touch the main Carpenter’s Wheel. Here are three of the ideas I played with before starting the quilt.

I just can’t decide which variation I like best.

Pinning my quilt up also gave me the opportunity to make sure I didn’t accidentally turn one of the half square triangles the wrong way.

Cosmic Jewels pattern winnerAnd now, drumroll, please! The winner of the Cosmic Jewels pattern is pam w! Congratulations, Pam! I’ll mail you the pattern as soon as I get your snail mail address.

  1. pam w

    i am so excited to get the pattern , My first win ever. thanks again I have the fabric that I want to use for it. as far as your 3 variations I like them all so that gonna to be a tough decision.