What’s wrong with this picture?

MVQG 2011 challengeThere’s something really wrong here… These are the fabrics for my quilt guild’s 2011 challenge. Where’s the blue???

Actually, I like participating in quilt challenges because it forces me to move outside my comfort zone. For this challenge we each received a fat quarter of gold Kona cotton and a fat eighth of gold lamé. We need to use at least half of each of them. Hmmm…I wouldn’t normally use either of these fabrics. We can add up to ten fabrics, and we have to have at least one 3-D embellishment — another thing I don’t normally do. Plus, at least one-fourth of the quilt must be pieced. What? I fuse everything! The theme is “Glorious.” Should prove to be interesting. Time is running short since it must be completed by September 13. Thankfully, it can be small.

Does anyone in the guild know if these are supposed to be kept secret? I’m not so good at that! Blogging about the process keeps me focused.

I played around with a few design ideas, but I had to push all of that aside so I could finish preparing for the “Making Faces” workshop that I’ll be teaching tomorrow. I’m looking forward to that! Should be fun. DD#2 will be helping me. Shhh…don’t tell her it’s all a part of my nefarious scheme to lure her into quilting. After all, she did ask if she could have my old sewing machine for her birthday. Everything is coming together!

6 Responses

  1. Shari

    What’s wrong with that picture? It’s not even started yet. lol
    I have started mine and may even have it finished this time. I don’t think you need to keep it a secret…although there will be voting involved. But I’m one who hopes that everyone judges on the project, not just the person doing it. I for one always love to see your work in progress.

    • Maria

      I know, Shari! Am I procrastinating because of the color? Or because I need to do piecing? Or maybe it’s just in my nature 🙂

  2. Ann Wiseman

    Quick! Join Creative Quilters’ Guild in Centerville! Our challenge fabric is BLUE and the theme is “Some saying with BLUE in it”! AND you have until October 26th! : )

    • Maria

      LOL! Love that idea, Ann. But I would probably still wait until the week before the due date.

  3. Ann Wiseman

    Two years ago, I actually started THE MORNING OF THE MEETING! I did a fused peony, a la Laura Wasilowski, with minimal quilting, for the theme of State Symbol – I chose peony as it is the Indiana state flower, where I was born. It didn’t place (which I didn’t expect it to), BUT my name got drawn from the First Time Challenge Entries and so I did win some goodies!