Making Faces workshop with ECQG

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All breakfasts should be like the one we had this morning! Made-to-order omelets, bacon, fragrant coffee. Biscuits with gravy for DH. Pancakes, if we wanted. I love breakfast. After pouring another cup of coffee to go, we met our hostess, Jan, who escorted us to the venue for today’s class for the East Cobb Quilters’ Guild. There were 23 ladies signed up for my “Making Faces” workshop. What fun!

Because this technique requires you to sort of think in reverse, it is sometimes a little confusing. I reassure them that, yes, it really will work. I always love the “ah-ha!” moment when they finally recognize the person in their portrait! Everyone around them joins in the fun, and excitement fills the room. It’s my favorite part of the day!

(Click on a photo to see the entire image and see it larger.)

After the workshop, we had a little break, and then seven of us met for a nice dinner. Afterwards, I had the opportunity to show my quilts to about 20 or 30 ladies from the guild who meet in the evening. Because it was a small group, I passed the quilts around so they could look at them more closely. I told them a little about my quilt making journey and answered all their questions. Then, back to the hotel for a good night’s rest. Everything will start bright and early tomorrow.