Trunk show for ECQG

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I often don’t sleep well when I’m traveling. Okay, many nights I don’t sleep much at home, either. We were so blessed that the guild put us in a suite. I was able to tiptoe out of the bedroom and get some things done in the sitting room. Another reason to love my iPad. I keep thinking ahead to the next workshops I’ll be teaching and specific tasks that must be done. I have to write it all down if I’m going to remember everything!

We started the day with another fabulous breakfast. The wait staff is so attentive here, trying to anticipate your every whim. They definitely exemplify Southern hospitality. We stayed at Embassy Suites Hotel, and I’ve never seen a better breakfast spread (except on our tour of Israel!). I love breakfast anyway, and can’t understand why anyone would want to skip it. I had another lovely omelet filled with spinach, mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, and a little bacon for flavor. Yum! A couple cups of steaming coffee to top it off, then on to the church where the main guild meets.

East Cobb Quilters’ Guild meets on Friday mornings. They had their business portion of the meeting followed by show-and-tell. Many of the ladies in the “Making Faces” workshop brought their portraits to show. That got all their friends excited!

After a quick break, I was up. I had a fun time showing a PowerPoint presentation of my quilts. This gave me the opportunity to also show them the “dearly departed” — the quilts that are currently traveling or that I no longer own. I told them about the funny things that happened while I was making various quilts, and we had a good time laughing. Afterwards, I showed them some of the actual quilts and answered questions. When the meeting was over, I invited them up to see the quilts closer.

(Melinda of Melinda Quilts ETC blogged about the guild meeting, too. Thanks, Melinda!)

Another yummy lunch after the meeting. I think these trips revolve around quilts and eating — my idea of a great time.

We’ve been running pretty much non-stop since mid September. I was telling some of the other quilters about all we’ve been doing and I realized how tired I was! We ended up going back to the hotel for an afternoon nap, and then went to Starbucks for some caffeine and email. For dinner, sweet hubby and I went to a Cuban and Caribbean restaurant. I ate some delicious jerk chicken, black beans, and yellow rice.

We returned to this beautiful fruit and cheese tray. The hotel had made a very minor mix up, and this was their apology. We dutifully wolfed it down! So good.