IQF portrait quilts, part 3

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As I mentioned a couple days ago, I am particularly drawn to any quilt that features a person, so I’m sharing a few more of those photos with you. These were all taken at the 2011 International Quilt Festival in Houston.

Ohm by Marilyn Wall
Marilyn Wall created an interesting piece called “Ohm.” She combined two manipulated photographs in Photoshop and printed the resulting image directly on fabric. Marilyn was rewarded with a second place ribbon in the Digital Imagery category. Nice!

As you might imagine, I’m a groupie of other quilt artists, especially ones that frequently use people on their quilts. Hollis Chatelain is one amazing artist who I’ve held in awe for many years. Her depiction of the human face is legendary in my opinion!

Letting Go by Hollis Chatelain
Letting Go (detail) by Hollis Chatelain
Just look at the amazing detail in her quilting lines. I could just study those for hours. She stitches so closely together and has such amazing control. She has mastered the art of bringing color into the face through the color of the threads she is using. As you might imagine, she is frequently changing her thread color!

Bukonyan Elder by Virginia Greaves
Virginia Greaves in another amazing portrait artist who I always look for at quilt shows. Be sure to go to her website and look at her portraits.

(As mentioned previously, according to IQA’s quilt photography rules, “If you post your photos to your personal web site, you must include appropriate credit for each quilt artist, and note that the photos were taken at International Quilt Festival.”)

  1. Marilyn Wall

    Maria, thanks for posting my quilt on your site. I too love all quilts with people and the about are favorites of mine. I made a dinner date with Phyllis Cullen before Houston as she was coming in the evening before I was leaving.

    I was so nice to meet her, as well as you.