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deColourant product reviewThe December 2011/January 2012 issue of Quilting Arts Magazine came out. It has my product review of deColourant and deColourant Plus. The article summarizes the discoveries made during my play day with Lisa Quintana, Susan Pickrell, and Debra Bentley.

In short, deColourant is a fun product to play with, but it requires some experimentation to get good results. I could see how some textile artists would love using it, especially because it does not change the feel of the fabric at all, but it is messy and a little fussy. For the way I work, I think I prefer the directness of paint, and I’m generally willing to accept any additional stiffness as a result of using it. A complete description of our results is in the magazine.

And now for a give away! I have three issues that I’d love to pop in the mail. Enter a comment below and I’ll do a drawing on Thursday evening. That way I can put these in the mail Friday morning and you’ll get an extra after-Christmas gift.

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  1. laura fults

    congrats on your article being published!
    thanks for sharing your give away and update with the quilt art list!

  2. Kristin McNamara Freeman

    What a treat this would be for me! QA was one of my magazines that had to be cut from my retirement budget for this year – I do so miss having a copy to look at again and again. Your article will be a push for me to do more with paints and dyes on fabric.
    Thanks Maria, for the opportunity to enter the drawing.


  3. Desi Smith

    Congrats on your article! I was an avid reader of Quilting Arts from the first issue for 10 years because of the Quiltart Digest and still go through them often for information and inspiration. But finally had to cut some expenses back and this one unfortunately was one of them. Thanks for an opportunity to win one.


  4. Diane

    Ooh, I got to play with this at Make it U with Judy Coates – really fun and unintimidating. I’d love to read about your adventures … thanks for putting my name in your hat.


  5. Lyn Wolf Jackson

    Friend of mine is on the cover. Would love to see your article too. Thanks for the opportunity.

  6. Marsha

    Thanks for the giveaway- I would love to be able to give a copy of the magazine to my mother. If you can ship to Canada!
    I will have to set aside some time to read your article- I have been curious about what deColourant can do

  7. Marilyn Rose

    Sounds like an interesting product. My local group could have fun with this, and the magazine would be a big help.

  8. Sue Pratt

    What a lovely gesture! Thank you for the chance to win a copy, I buy it randomly and my husband commented the other day what good value they are because “you read the print off them”!! (I hope you would post to New Zealand if my name is drawn) 😀

  9. Belinda

    I have been wanting to play with decolourants! After the holiday experimenting would be just the right timing too. Belinda

  10. judi

    Would love a chance to win a Quilting Arts magazine. Especially interested in your article on deColourant. Thanks.

  11. Debbie M

    Nice article, Maria! I am a subscriber of Quilting Arts from the beginning, but I’d love to win an extra copy to give to a local friend. Thanks for counting me in.

  12. Cheryl

    Decolourant is something (one of many subjects, I’m sure!) that I know nothing about. Would love to learn more.

    grandmacocosdesigns (at) gmail (dot) com

  13. Karen Boutte

    I have been playing with DeColourant for a while. Since I don’t use paint often I found this product easy to use and clean up. Would love to read you comments.

  14. Diane

    Congrats on the article, I have been curious about the products you reviewed!

  15. Ann Wiseman

    Very cool to be able to give your opinions! Thanks for passing on the wealth, even if it is “just” a quilt magazine! : )