2012 Miami Valley Quilter’s Guild Show

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This weekend my quilt guild, the Miami Valley Quilters’ Guild, held their biannual quilt show. I always look forward to going to the show. We see many of these quilts during the show-and-tell portion of our monthly meetings, but it is such a treat to see them all at once, up close and personal. We have many really talented quilters in our group. I love to examine the beautiful quilting. Absorbing all of the great color combinations is also a joy. I like to just stand in front of each quilt and drink it in.

I wasn’t able to go until Saturday afternoon, a couple hours before it was ready to close. There was still a good size crowd enjoying the show. I had to wait quite a while to get good pictures without viewers standing in front of the quilts. There were also lots of friendly people to talk to. I managed to buy a couple of treasures, too.

Notice the two dalmatians in the photo above? Deanna Lasher made one of those in the “Making Faces” workshop which I taught to my guild. Then she went home and made the other one on her own. Nice, huh?

I had six of my quilts at the show. “Captivated” was a winner from the 2010 quilt show, so it was on display again with the other ribbon winners. I also had “Sapphire Star,” (the blue and white quilt in the second picture) which was made at a guild-sponsored workshop, and “Glorious Gold,” (the sun-like quilt in the third picture) which was made for the guild’s 2011 quilt challenge. In addition to those, I entered “Embrace 1,” “Quilt Queen,” and “Sheer Whim” (shown above). Here’s a secret tidbit: I found out one of those last three quilts won a viewer’s choice award in its category. It will be announced on Tuesday! Anyone want to guess which one? No fair guessing if you already know 🙂

Here are a few other quilts which I really enjoyed seeing.

  1. Deanna Lasher

    Thank you for sharing your photos Maria. I was there all day Saturday and still feel as though I missed seeing everything I could possibly see. I wish I had your “eye” for color combinations. So many talented people. I can’t wait for Tuesdays reveal of the winners. I won’t even guess which one of yours won. They are all deserving.