Cabin Window accepted

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ElkinsMaria-CabinWindowI opened up my email today and was completely surprised by an acceptance letter! It may sound funny, I suppose, but I sort of forgot that I submitted Cabin Window for consideration for the 2013 IQA show in Houston.

How could I forget that? Well, I haven’t really made any “real” quilts this last year or more. Family has been my primary focus. I started a quilt of my daughters as little girls that I was hoping to enter, but I came up with the idea too late and I just couldn’t get it done before the deadline. I was depressed and moping around when sweet hubby pointed to a little quilt on the wall in our living room. Yep, it was “Cabin Window” (above).

“Why not enter that one,” he asked?

Actually, to my ears it sounded more like a command: “You will enter that one!” (Imagine hearing it in a deep, booming, authoritative voice – LOL!)

I had all kinds of excuses, but I figured I might as well. And today I learned that it will be traveling to Houston! It’s a good thing when I listen to sweet hubby…

3 Responses

  1. Ed Chamness

    Congratulations…he certainly has good taste, all the way around…

  2. mary

    Fantastic news. Sometimes father knows best, eh?