Tupperware in my studio: part 5

tupperware04-02aWhen I bought this little piece of Tupperware, it was described as a business card holder. (I’ve also seen them described as recipe card holders, which makes more sense since Tupperware mostly makes food-related items.) Sadly, I was disappointed that, at 4″ wide, it is a little too big to properly hold a 3-1/2″ business card. The cards will always sit at an angle because of where the braces are on the bottom; that’s not a big deal, and I suppose I could modify it if it really bothered me. It also works pretty well for postcards, but if I put three different postcards in it, you can only see the first one since they are all on the same level.

tupperware04-05However, this little beauty comes in very handy to hold those little rulers that are always getting lost. It can easily hold my 12″ ruler, but I like it for my 1″ by 6″ ruler, my “add-a-quarter” ruler, my 5″ by 5″ square ruler, my 4″ by 8″ ruler, and other small rulers that are nice to keep within arm’s reach.

tupperware04-03aTo hold my business cards when I travel, I use Tupperware’s mini square round even though exactly it’s not blue, but it’s as close as I can find.

  1. Ed

    The holder for small rulers is a great idea…now to find one…