Decluttering, day 4

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studio-declutter-06Today is Day 4 of decluttering my studio. This is where I stopped yesterday after I continued work in cupboard #2. I didn’t have a lot of time, but I thought I would take just a few moments to organize all that fabric in some meaningful fashion. This is by no means all of my fabric! A good portion of this was purchased so I could focus on making more improvisational quilts. I put pieces big enough for backings at the bottom.

My kitchen is cleaned up, and chicken is in the crockpot, so I’m off to get really serious in my studio today. I want to make a major dent in this declutter/purge project!

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  1. Robin Lancaster

    Wow, Maria! You are making some serious progress! I need to kick it up a notch (or two!)

    I have my quilting room (with the longarm), three closets, the porch and dh’s office to go. My piecing area could use some “fine tuning.” And the pantry is a monthly thing.
    🙁 Oh and I have to go through the remaining boxes from the attic. Leaving the garage because dh says, “That’s my domain. Don’t touch it.”

    • Maria

      LOL! I wish my sweet hubby said that about our garage! But I’m waiting for warmer weather to tackle that, and the storage shed, too. At some point I’m going to have to declutter our church, too. Since sweet hubby is the pastor, somehow that becomes my job, too! That’s going to wait until I’m done with all our things, though.

  2. Robin Lancaster

    Well dh learned the hard way that we don’t think similarly about organizing. Several years ago he came home and I proudly announced that I had organized all his cables. “This bin has plain black cables. This bin has black cables with boxes at the end. This bin has white cables. This bin has misc cables.” He just hung his head and said, “Let’s not organize my cables anymore.” How was I to know that not all cables are the same.