Room of Requirement – it begins

Room of Requirement - before
Before: View from the main door
I’ve been procrastinating! But I thought if I confessed in front of everyone, maybe it would motivate me to get started on a big project! I need someone to hold me accountable. In the nearly three years since Sweet Hubby went to heaven, I’ve done virtually no quilting. I haven’t really even stepped foot into my studio except to retrieve some odd item or throw something in there for storage.

DD#2, her husband and two daughters moved in with me shortly after Dave passed away. When they first moved in, we were originally going to use the family room part of the space as a play area, but since it is a converted garage, it didn’t have any HVAC ducts so it was too hot and too cold to be practical for little kids. (Sweet hubby and I used space heaters or fans to make it bearable, or we huddled under heating blankets.) During those three years, however, the studio/family room gradually became the Room of Requirement. It was a perfect space to store stuff to get it out of the way until we were ready to use: stuff from their previous house, old couches, toys that the kids were not ready for, clothes the girls had outgrown. For a while it stored 30 or 40 chairs for our church. Mostly it’s just been a junk room.

A few months ago the house was upgraded with a new HVAC system and ductwork was installed for that room. It is now bearable to be in there! Hazel is now 4 years old and DD#2 is ready to start homeschooling her for preschool. We decided that the Room of Requirement would make a perfect homeschool space while still retaining half for my studio space. But before we take over, SIL wants to clear out the space, put in a proper floor and insulate the walls.

You know what that means? I need to actually step foot into my studio, make sense of the chaos, and then pack it up so we can empty out the room so the guys can do their magic! I’ve been procrastinating. I just haven’t been able to bring myself to getting started. So, here are my before photos. It’s 4:45 PM, and I’m going to get started. I’ve procrastinated long enough. I’ll try to post progress photos through out the week. Would it be too much to think I could get this done in seven days? I don’t know. It’s rather overwhelming since it is so awful in there right now!


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  1. Joan Strosin Avatar
    Joan Strosin

    I decided a few years ago to purge and organize my quilting/sewing space. As I’ve gotten older, I think about leaving all this stuff behind for someone to have to go through after I’ve passed on. I decided to go with a really good professional organizer. She kept me focused and even hauled away stuff to be recycled and donated. I also took bags and bags of fabric to various nonprofit quilting groups in the area. I still have too much, but at least it’s organized and protected from dust, etc. in plastic bins. (I live in Colorado, so humidity is not an issue here.)

    1. Yes, I look forward to some purging, too! Like you, about five years back I removed loads of crafts supplies from my studio that wasn’t quilting related, as well as books and magazines that I no longer looked at. That was very freeing! I gave some of that to my daughter, so I’m excited that now she will be able to use some of it homeschooling. But, I’m sure there is more that I’ll come across as I clean and organize. Once that’s done, packing should be a breeze!

  2. When I dread something like this, I give myself permission to “piddle.” Then after “piddling” a while, I start to pick up speed and enjoy it more and more. Next thing you know, I’m committed and driven. Hope you will be too! Get busy, we want to see pictures!!!

    1. I like the way you think! Actually, I did piddle a little tonight. I came across some supplies that let me prepare some things for DD#2 before she starts homeschooling tomorrow. Should make it a little easier for her now, and it gave me a little side project that was satisfying.

  3. Margaret Williams Avatar
    Margaret Williams

    Oh Maria, I’ve missed seeing your work! Can I say that in the year since my husband passed away, sitting down at a sewing machine (or even just ironing, touching, playing with fabric) has pretty much saved me. It’s such a relief to do something I enjoy instead of all the things I *should* be doing. You’re probably much more responsible than I am, but I encourage you to take some time for yourself and play with fabric when you get a chance. I met your husband when you were here in Atlanta and I know he would want you to use your gifts. He was so supportive and proud of you. On another note, I’m glad to hear that your daughter and her family are there with you. Much love to you all.

    1. Oh, thanks Margaret! You’re so sweet! The great thing about renovating this space so it can be a combined homeschool room and studio is that I won’t be in the room all by myself. I’m really looking forward to that. But, even though I haven’t been quilting these past three years, I have been very busy digitally recording 300 cassette tapes on my late husband’s messages (mostly two messages on each tape) and putting them on our church website. Honestly, what he had to say is so much more important to preserve, and it has been wonderful to be able to hear his voice all over again 😉