Room of Requirement Day 1

Homeschool kick-offLast night I had just an hour or two to get started on tackling the Room of Requirement. I was able clear away enough stuff that I could actually step foot in the room! Woohoo! I felt that was a great accomplishment. Then I got overwhelmed and went on an adventure instead!

This year DD#2, Bethany, is going to start homeschooling 4-year-old Hazel, and 2-year-old Aliza is sure to tag along. To kick-off the preschool year, they took the girls on a “Hot Air Balloon Ride” around the neighborhood. The girls were absolutely thrilled! How could I miss that? It was so much fun watching them.

I was able to get back in the studio by mid-afternoon today. It is still overwhelming. I decided I needed some instant gratification, so I picked the absolutely easiest spot and packed up my Kona Cotton cupboard.

Kona Cotton packed
Kona Cottons Packed
The Kona Cottons were already uniformly folded to fit on the cupboard, so they were easily transferred and they fit very nicely into a nine small U-Haul boxes that I was given (Thanks Sharon!). The big box on top is quilt batting. Another easy thing to pack.

We’re going to need to figure out some logistics on where to put the boxes as they are packed. Our house isn’t that big, so it might take some fancy footwork to find a place for them to sit for a few months.

Anyway, I only had a couple hours, but at least I made a little bit of progress! Yeah me!


4 responses to “Room of Requirement Day 1”

  1. Way to go, Maria! Now I am puzzling as to where you can store your stuff for a few months. One idea is for you to find someone that has an enclosed trailer (waterproof) that they don’t use after summer (I’m thinking of one like the high school band uses to transport instruments). You could bring it to your house and fill it, then take it wherever until it’s time to unload it. Just a thought. Maybe you have some connections. Maybe put a plea on Facebook?

    1. That’s thinking creatively! I’ll need to ask around

  2. You broke the ice Maria……the first step is always the hardest. Keep going, you will get there! Give yourself a pat on the back, then get back in there!
    I am cheering you on from Western Oregon,
    LuAnn Kessi

    1. Thanks, LuAnn! I had too much to do yesterday to do anything, and it will be the same today, but Friday is looking pretty good! BTW, I have a sister in Newport, Oregon! Are you anywhere near there?