Exciting News on the Home Front

Sometimes the unexpected…

Yes, a month ago we had no idea. But surprise! We’re moving! My son-in-law and daughter bought a new home, so we will be spending the month of July doing the shuffle!

I know I never got around to showing you picture proof, but didn’t I just finish unpacking my studio?

Actually, I am thrilled! This house will be very spacious, with plenty of room for three growing children, three adults, and a rambunctious cat.

One of the big features we were looking for was a bedroom, full bathroom, and laundry on the main floor. The idea is that, if we stay there twenty years and I’m still around, I would not have to deal with stairs as I grow older. Well, in our little part of the country, that requirement immediately eliminates 90% of the houses on the market.

One morning last week we sent our realtor friend a text saying we were ready to seriously start looking for a house. A couple hours later she let us know that the perfect house had just been listed 15 minutes ago. We immediately set up a time to look at it that day, and we put in an offer while we were standing in the living room! The next day it was accepted, and so the whirlwind begins!

This is not my furniture, but this will be my room. Adjoining bathroom and walk in closet are behind the photographer.

In this house, it is the master bedroom ensuite (complete with whirlpool soaker bath and walk-in closet) that is on the main floor, overlooking the woods that line the back part of the property. Guess who gets that bedroom? Me! Actually, this room is large enough that it is going to be my quilting studio with my bed to one side. How exciting is that? I can’t wait to get back into the house so I can take measurements and draft out the layout of my new studio!

Don’t worry. I’m not being greedy, and my daughter, son-in-law and their family are not missing out. They get the whole second floor to themselves, plus this house has a full finished basement with plenty of space for the kids to play and for us to set up a dedicated homeschool space.

And the other wonderful feature of this house is that it is located just 8 minutes away from my other daughter and her husband and new baby! I’m so happy that it will be so much easier for the cousins to grow up together.

We feel so blessed. We had not really been thinking about moving, surely not for another year or more, but step-by-step, we have felt God leading and opening doors. We are very excited to see what He has planned for us next.


3 responses to “Exciting News on the Home Front”

  1. Marilee Botos Avatar
    Marilee Botos

    SO happy for you all!

  2. A blessing of wonderful times ahead for you all.

  3. What exciting news! It is beautiful!!! I used to have my sewing in my bedroom and loved it. You can lay things out on the bed when needed too. And of course, you just got your studio set up. I guess that gave you good practice for the next one…
    (New website too….nice!)